Life Members

Life Members Council (All Ages)

The Life Members Council includes all Life Members, Honorary Life Members, Matrons,
and Patrons whose donations provide support for education, training, field missions,
and other work of the WHOM Society.

Motto: “Each One, Make One”
Colors:  White (purity, joy) and Red (fire, blood, charity)
Theme Song:  “Throw Out the Life Line”

Mission:  The Life Members Council is the most exciting department in the Women’s
Home and Overseas Missionary Society!  This department captures the hearts and
interests of men, women, boys, and girls from across the width and breath of Zion.  The
purpose of the department is to organize all Life Members, Matrons, Patrons, and
Honorary Life members into a local council.  An investment in this department is an
investment in the lives of Zion’s greatest resource:  Her People!