One of the myths of aging is that people 65+ no longer contribute to society. It seems that the older we are, the less useful and the less productive we are thought to be; however, this age group continues to be outstanding in their career fields, contributing to their churches and their communities, starting new careers, and making the world a better place. Ten Unites States presidents were past the age of 60 on their inaugural day; Walter Cronkite, the “most trusted man in America” continued active in the news media until the age of 91; Rosa Parks remained a living Civil Rights icon until her death at 92. Often individuals 65+ are labeled Senior Citizens. But just what does that term mean? This age group needs a name that befits the beautiful and wonderful gifts that God has reserved for His elder children. Therefore, the creation of V GLAMS!! 

Varick’s Gifted Loyal Anointed Mature Seniors