Young Adult Missionary Society (Age 22 – 40)

Motto: “With hearts and hands: We reach up to God for strength and direction,
We reach out to love and touch others, We reach down to lift fallen humanity.”

Colors: Peach (loyalty, blood, charity) and Taupe (sorrow, joy and glory)

Theme Song:”Our Promise, Praise, And Petition”

Mission: The purpose of this department is to (1) unite women, age 22–40, of The AME
Zion Church for mission service in the church and community. The prime objectives will
include social concerns such as child abuse, teenage pregnancies, drug dependency,
world hunger, etc.; (2) provide an opportunity for the personal and individual Christian
growth of members; (3) provide an opportunity for Christian witness through the use of
their time, talent, and treasure to support the mission; (4) provide experiences that will
enable Young Adult Missionaries to perpetuate the existence and continued growth of
the Women’s Home and Overseas Missionary Society, The AME Zion Church, and the
kingdom of God.